Club house is a unique highlight at Yen Dung Golf Course complex. With its subtle architecture, the space here will provide a sense of airiness and harmony with nature.

Reception hall with large area
Refurbished with modern furniture for players to relax after golfing.


With the thought of providing the high-end class and excellent golf facilities and services, we are dedicated to creating a luxurious and cozy Yen Dung restaurant with Western – Asian dishes and Bac Giang special food.




Locker rooms are divided into two areas — one for Gentlemen and the other for Ladies. Each area is equipped with hundreds of lockers, bath systems, makeup area, etc. We always care about every little detail to satisfy all of your needs.


Designed in a modern and innovative style that offers class-leading visibility and feeling, Pro Shop displays the latest golf products and equipment from leading brands in the market.

Members at Yen Dung Golf Course also enjoy 5% discount on all items here.

Các sản phẩm bao gồm:

Quần áo nam nữ, quần áo chơi gôn có thương hiệu
Bóng gôn
Gang tay
Đồ đi mưa
Các vật dụng khác


In order to provide a perfect resort space, we have invested in building Yen Dung into a leading resort complex in Bac Giang including a challenging golf course and a system of services and facilities.

Located at the top of Phoenix Hill 1, the hotel has modern and luxurious architecture with 60 rooms. All rooms overlook the golf course and the the northern countryside view right at the foot hill.

The shady playground is an ideal destination for parents and their children to have fun and enjoy the beautiful nature. The activities here will help children develop in both physical and intellectual aspects.

Gym equipment are all imported from abroad. Rooms are designed in harmony with the nature creating a wide view to the golf course.
The spa is furnished with the most modern equipment and offers a standard process of treatment and relaxation for users. During therapeutic process, you will have time to relax in peaceful reading room, rest room or lounge-coffee.