Golf course regulations




Golf hours: Everyday, summer from 5:30 to 21:00, winter from 6:00 to 20:00.

Restaurant hours: Everyday, summer from 5:30 to 22:00, winter from 6:00 to 21:00.

Pro Shop hours: Everyday, from 6:00 to 18:00.

Night golf: Finish at 21:00 in summer, 20:00 in winter.
Restaurant: Close at 22:00 in summer, 21:00 in winter.

Opening hours may change depending on weather conditions and the Company’s announcement.



a. Golfers include Members and family members (if any), members of the Membership, free guests.

b. Golfers must be at least 16 years old. If a player is under 16 years of age, he / she must obtain the approval of the Golf Management Board before going to the field and must always accompany the player aged 16 or over.

c. A Member can invite up to 07 (seven) guests on weekdays and up to 03 (three) guests on weekends and holidays to play golf with preferential rates for members of the Member.

d. The minimum number of players in a group is 02 (two) people and a maximum of 04 (four) people. If you have not found a minimum guaranteed number, the golf operator will combine you with other players to form a designated group.



The golf course agrees to welcome guests to visit or attend conferences and seminars held at the golf course. Visitors must wear polite attire and wear soft sports shoes, keep order in the process of sightseeing, avoid affecting golfers. Visitors have the right to use all public utilities and pay the prescribed fees.



Personal property: The company does not encourage you to bring great value assets to the golf course. In case of bringing valuable assets to the golf course, you must be responsible for declaring at the reception desk of the golf course to have a safe storage method. The Company shall not be liable for any loss, theft or damage to any of your assets if not declared and not stored in a safe manner as prescribed by the Golf Course. .

Property of the Golf Course: You must be aware of preserving and preserving the property and must be responsible for the damage caused by you.



5.1. Set play time:

You can book hours directly at the booking desk or by phone, email, fax, website. Booking time is 30 days at the earliest and 01 day at the latest if there is no availability. If you play on weekends or holidays, you must book at least 03 days in advance.

Guests who come to play golf but do not reserve the time in advance will not be guaranteed to have a play time, the golf course operator will base on the actual situation on the field and try to arrange for you to go to the playground if possible.

5.2. Regulations on canceling play hours:

Cancellation of booked hours must be notified to the booking counter or by phone, email, fax, website at least 2 days in advance (48 hours) for weekdays, before 05 days (120 hours) for weekends and days ceremony.

For playing hours close to the playing day (ie, set within a period of 2 days (48 hours) before the playing day for a normal day or 05 days (120 hours) for weekends and holidays) it is not possible Cancellation except with the consent of the Golf Management Board.

Violations of canceling booked games include:

– Booking without coming to play.

– The number of visitors is less than the number of guests booked.

– Coming late from the set time.

– Cancellation notice is later than the specified cancellation time.

– Cancellation notice for playing hours close to the play date.

Form of handling violations of canceling game hours:

– 1st violation: Reminder by phone and / or email.

– 2nd Violation: Disqualification priority of playing time (that is, only when no other players put the same time, will your playing time be confirmed) within 01 month.

– Violation of the 3rd time: Disqualification to set the playing time within 03 months.

– Violating more than 3 times: Disqualifying priority to set play time.



Before going to the playground, you must complete the registration process at the Reception desk.



7.1. Each golf player must have 01 caddy, 01 set of golf clubs when playing.

In case you want to book a caddy, please follow the same method of booking and pay the caddy booking fee. Golf management reserves the right to refuse requests if you book a caddy on the day that the caddy has been arranged to serve or have a holiday.

During the game, you are required to change the caddy but can only change up to 02 (two) times.

Caddy reading and club selection and other consultations are not considered to be accurate. Caddy only provides reference information. The final decision belongs to golfers.

7.2. Golf car

If you rent a golf car, please read it carefully and follow the vehicle’s instruction manual.

The care of a golf car is the responsibility of the individual. The tenant will be responsible for any damage to the golf cart, golf course property, player’s property, or injury to any person due to improper use of golf carts.

If a caddy drives a golf car at the tenant’s request, any damage or injury will be considered the individual’s responsibility.

Each 02 seat golf cart is allowed to carry up to two players, two caddy and two golf clubs. Golf cars must always be on the road for golf carts and not allowed to go to the grass.

Guests who fail to comply with the above provisions will lose the right to use golf carts during the day without refund.



Tee tee is specified as follows:

– Golden Tee: For professional players (pro)

– Blue Tee: For amateur (amateur) guests.

– White Tee: For new beginners and older players (over 60 years old – senior).

– Red Tee: For guests who are women (lady) and children (under 16 years old – junior)

The company encourages guests to play the teeing option on the appropriate tee.

For golf tournaments held at the Golf Course: Tee plays according to the rules of the tournament charter.



Players must be present at the teeing ground 10 minutes before the scheduled time of play. Any late arrival must wait for the arrangement of the golf operator.

In case you have booked a play time but are present at the late teeing point, it is considered that you lost the game. At that time, your new game will follow the arrangement of the golf operator (if the golf course is still open). The play of the guest who has booked the game and arrived on time takes place after the guest has lost the game will still be performed in order.

The maximum time to complete 9 holes is 2 hours 20 minutes; 18 holes is 4 hours 40 minutes.

The group must make sure to catch up with the play team first.

The group can stop to have a meal at the Clubhouse or kiosk, but if there is a group behind, they must give it to them.

On weekends and holidays, always make a group call after the “call hole” in par 3 holes.

Golf operators will inform, remind and urge groups to play slowly. In case of necessity, to ensure the speed of play of the groups, golf operators will move the play team if they are unable to keep up with the speed of play after receiving the notice.



Before polishing or swinging a test stick (“draft”), you must ensure that you play, caddy and previous group players have a safe distance. When bouncing off the road to another golf course, shout “BALL / FORE” and point your finger at the ball to warn others. Always follow the safety instructions of the caddy, marshal.

When the ball enters the OB area, forest, lake, you are limited and cautious when entering the ball to avoid unexpected accidents.

When the weather is bad or dangerous, please stop playing and move into the rain shelter or stop stations to ensure safety, until there is no danger to continue.

Signal whistle:

– Three short-term sirens are a signal to suspend the course.

– A long-term return whistle is a signal for the golf course to re-operate (applied to the same starting order in tournaments).



When going to the golf course, you must wear polite costumes, suitable for golf culture. Unacceptable types of clothing include: costumes with letters, symbols, or images that are considered indecent, objectionable, or inappropriate to cultural and moral values; The shirt has no neck, shorts are too short / too tight, clothes are cut, swimsuit, 3-hole shirt, overalls, jeans. Professional soft-soled shoes are only allowed on the golf course.

The person with the lowest handicap in the group will be the group’s responsible representative for safety, proper behavior and compliance with the rules on the golf course.

You should not speak loudly, loudly or loudly, affecting others. Phone ring should leave the volume moderate.

Play the ball on time, without delay and follow the instructions of the golf operator.

Always stand to the side, not behind or in front of the ball.

Do not move and must keep quiet when the player prepares to polish or brush the ball.

Do not take photos or film without the consent of the Golf Management Board.

Do not bring any kind of pet to the golf course.

Do not bring any kind of potentially harmful objects (knives, swords, guns, bullets … and other flammable substances) into the golf course.

Always behave civilized, polite to everyone and staff in the golf course.

In case the employee makes a mistake, please immediately inform the Golf Course Management Board for settlement. In the golf course area, you must not use excessive alcohol, causing loss of control. Illegal stimulants are strictly prohibited.

Fighting and fighting in the golf course is determined to be a violation of a serious regulation. The offender will be deprived of the right to play and to immediately leave the field.

Shoes must be cleaned before entering the Club House.

Do not bring golf course towels and slippers out of the changing room area.



To maintain the quality of the lawn, you can only ride Buggy on the designated road, not running on the golf course. If running into the golf course without the approval of the golf course, after the Marshal staff reminds them but does not fix the golf course, the Golf Management Board will ask customers to stop playing and pay the cost of the completed golf holes. the same cost of yard repair if any.

Please do not litter indiscriminately on the lawn and transfer to Caddy all garbage or cigarette butts.

When you are on Green, please do not use sticks, other tools or any actions that could damage Green. If the customer damages the green, the golf course will apply a penalty to that guest, this penalty is imposed by the golf course and the player must abide by it.



In objective weather conditions such as dangerous rain, storm, thunder and lightning that cannot continue to play golf (excluding the darkness), you will pay the following fees for playing golf:

– Have beaten from 1 to 2 holes: No payment

– Have hit 11 holes: Pay 9 holes

– Have beaten from 12 to 18 holes: Pay 18 holes

In case you decide to stop playing golf for subjective reasons, the fee collection is regulated as follows:

– Have beaten from 1 to 9 holes: Pay 9 holes – Beat from 10 to 18 holes: Pay 18 holes.



You must check and sign the voucher to buy food and drink or use other services during the day.

You rent golf clubs, shoes, hats, umbrellas … at the proshop under the right of business of the golf course must deposit according to the regulations of the Company. The deposit will be refunded when the player returns the rental and pays the relevant service fees in full.

All fees must be paid in full to the cashier before leaving the Golf Course.

You can pay by cash or credit card. Payment by check is not accepted. You will receive a detailed bill of payments and a bag tag with a “Paid” stamp delivered to the caddy or valet staff to receive the bag again before leaving the golf course.



Players will be solely responsible for taking any action that poses a danger to themselves or others within the course of the Golf Course.

It is the responsibility of the player to compensate for any damage caused by the loss of the golf course, damage to the green and other properties owned by the Golf Course.



You can inform or complain to the Golf Management Board about errors or bad service spirit of any staff of the Golf Course. Your notice / complaint will be reviewed and resolved immediately by the Golf Management Board. Golf leadership is responsible for employee discipline. No guest has the right to reprimand, discipline or verbally abide by or otherwise apply to any employee of the Golf Course.



The Golf Management Board has the right to handle all violations of the Rules. In any case, the decision of the Golf Management Board will be the final decision.



This regulation is written in Vietnamese and English, effective from July 15, 2017.

The Company reserves the right to add, replace, or amend this Code at any time and publicly announce it to all Members, visitors to the Golf Course to update, read, understand and comply with the Rules.