Yen Dung golf course – a new destination for golfers

There are 58 golf courses all over Vietnam. These golf courses are not only providing modern facilities but also upgrading their services to satisfy customers. Beside modern facilities and high-class service, Yen Dung golf course is known as the most challenging one in the North of Vietnam.

Convenient location

Located in Tien Phong commune, Yen Dung district, Bac Giang province, Yen Dung golf course is about 50 km to the North of Hanoi with 50-minute driving. It is buit along the majestic Nham Bien mountain range where it is believed to bring prosperity to the owner. Yen Dung golf course has become the most fascinating destination in Vietnam with the luxurious resort system.

Ideal location of Yen Dung golf course

The most challenging golf course in Nothern Vietnam

Yen Dung golf course catches people’s attention by unique features. With the aim of “creating challenge and attraction”, the investor and the designer have created unique golf course with their dedication.

The design takes full advantage of the topography of narrow valleys and along mountain ranges. And at the foot hill, there are green rice fields surrounded by a village with agricultural-featured architecture. The golf holes are diverse, sotisphicating and challenging. At any position on the golf course, golfers can enjoy panoramic views of the village and nature. This will create inspiration and bring a brilliant drive for those who love taking risk.
Excellent design

At Yen Dung golf course, you will enjoy wonderful relaxing moments in modern villas in the golf course. Every detail of a villa has minimal and modern design but still retains traditional and original style. Each villa is the truly work of art with light and space, uniqueness and creativeness, and nature and architecture.

Sân golf đầu tiên tại Bắc Giang chuẩn bị khai trương_3Dung golf course is designed simply but stylishly

With excellent design and natural beauty, Yen Dung golf course will surely be an exotic destination for you on weekends.